One of the number one questions I get is about work out schedules.  While some people work out every day, but just different areas of the body, I do not recommend this. You need at least one day to recuperate so your muscles can rest.  I usually workout my arms, stomach, and legs all in the same day then rest two days.  Workout the same amount of days as you rest to create an even balance.  I would suggest working out two days and resting two days. This break will help your muscles to breakdown properly.  After all, you cannot expect to do a good job at anything without proper rest.  Also, make sure that you are not scheduling workouts on days that you work well into the evening.  For example, if you work 10 AM- 8 PM, you are going to want to eat and “unwind” before doing other things such as working out.    Also, try to do an even amount of repetitions whenever you work out.   For example, if you are doing bicep curls, do two sets of 25 or two sets of 10 or each side.  I hope this tidbit of information will aid on your next workout.    Please consult a physician or fitness expert before beginning any exercise routine.

Those of you who played high school basketball or football properly remember “six inches.”  I do this exercise daily to maintain that my abdominals and obliques are tight.  As you get older you start to develop fat around your belly area.  Six inches will ensure that this goes away; however, this exercise is not for the novice.  See below.

1.  Lay flat on a bed or on a comfortable surface.

2.  Lift your legs up about six inches off of the floor.

3.  Hold your legs for 10 seconds then gradually climb to 20 seconds.

4. To get your obligues, take your arms and turn them to the left and to the right.  If you feel to tailbone or lumber veterbrae crack, this is okay as it is your body’s way of aligning your spine.

I, personally, do these everyday.  I am uo to 20 secs.  For adding results, add up to 5 lb weights in each hand.  Do not use too much weight as you can tear your abdominal muscles.  An abdominal tear is one of the worse injuries you can sustain, so be careful.

Disclaimer: Make sure that you thoroughly stretch before performing any and all exercise programs.  This will prevent pulled muscles, strains, hernias, etc.  Also, be sure to check with your physicianHave fun!

One of the issues with free weight training is that you can gain too much momentum and sustain injury.  Sometimes this is done because the weight is too heavy so people will swing their arms or legs instead of locking in proper position.  Here are some suggestions to help you not get injured while lifting freely.

1.  DRINK LOTS OF WATER: If your body is hydrated, you will not cramp up as much.  After all, the body is made up of mostly (75%) water.

2.  EAT A BANANA: Eat a banana to get the correct amount of potassium or vitamin K.  This will also help prevent cramping.

3.  LIFT ONLY WHAT YOU CAN LIFE THEN ADD GRADUALLY: Don’t let stronger people intimidate you or cause you get injured because you are lifting too much.  Start with what is manageable for you then increase.  My rule of thumb is if you can do ten repetitions easily, then you should be able to move up.  In addition, the more repetitions you do, the stronger you get.  For example, if someone brags that they can bench press 500 lbs, but they can only do it once, this does nothing.  On the other hand, if they would bench 200 lbs 10-15, this will develop strength and a nice physique over time.  Do you get the picture?

4.  WORK WITH A TRAINER OR EXPERT: Having someone there who knows what they are doing will help you focus on how the exercise should be done.  Think of this person as a coach.  Most fitness centers offer reasonable packages to meet with a trainer once or twice a week.

5.  HAVE A TIME FRAME: Have a specific time frame in mind.  Say 30-45 minutes.  Overdoing it can and will lead to imminent injury.

I hope this article helped prepare you for the proper lifting of free weights.  Before lifting, read the disclaimer below.

Disclaimer: Make sure that you thoroughly stretch before performing any and all exercise programs.  This will prevent pulled muscles, strains, hernias, etc.  Also, be sure to check with your physician.  Have fun!

The first thing that everyone has to do is to build more body mass if they want to lift more weight. By taking proper diet it becomes easier to increase body mass quickly and achieve your fitness goals. There are few methods which you can use to build good body mass and in the following section we will look at them.

Building Body Mass

Calorie Consumption: The first thing you can do is start consuming more calories on a regular basis. You can start taking food with more of proteins and carbohydrates as these provide good amount of calories and you need to take such food four to six time per day.

Sodium Intake: The reason you need to take food with sodium is that it helps in muscle growth and improves body’s water retention capacity. This will in turn make muscles responsive to insulin, better carbohydrate storage function of body and develop amino acid absorption function of the system.

Drinking Water: As we all know, water is quite useful for us and it works as a supplement for diet. It also helps in regulating the minerals and vitamins that we eat. In addition to it water also improves protein as well as carbohydrate absorption by the body.

Change Diet: Keep changing the food chart at an interval of two weeks. To give you one example, you can take a diet with 2000 calories for two weeks and then in following two weeks increase the calorie intake to 3000. This helps the body to get maximum benefit out of the more calories you are taking in certain weeks. Additionally, your body will not get used to a fixed schedule as then usefulness of such diet schedule reduces significantly.

Supplement Use: There are many food supplements which are used to increase body mass and one of them is creatine which helps in building strength plus there are absolutely no side effects in taking it. But make sure your daily water intake is adequate to flush out all the unnecessary chemicals from body.

Take Rest: It is important to give your body time to relax and build strength from the calories you are consuming every day. Taking rest is the answer for it and you should ensure that you sleep for eight or more hours daily.

Lift More Weight: To build body mass you will have to start lifting more but the weight you start lifting should be such that it allows you to do about 5-6 repetitions without causing any type of discomfort.

Are free weights better than machine weights?  There has been an ongoing debate concerning whether it is better to use free weights or nautilus equipment.  The answer is not easy.  It depends on if you are trying to achieve bulk, tone, or lose some weight. If you play sports, then it depends on the sport.  I play semi-pro tennis; therefore, I would not want to get too bulky because this would restrict movement or cause me to hit the ball too hard.

Free weights are generally good for gaining bulk; however, the downside is that you can cheat.  Doing the exercises incorrectly by creating too much momentum could certainly cause injury.  Machines are good if you want to workout alone.

For example, when I was 10, I tried to bench 160 lbs by myself.  I think I was about 80 lbs.  I lifted the weight, and it fell straight down to my chest.  Thankfully, I was strong enough to hold it on my chest until I could push off the weight and escape.  Since then, I have never lifted the free weight bench without a spotter.

There is much debate that the free weight bench is the only way to gauge true weight.  I tend to agree a little bit because I have benched 200 lbs five times on machine weights, but I not sure I could bench 200 lbs five time with free weights.  Courtesy of  Ron Harris (, I have included some successful exercises using free weights and machine weights.

Best Free Weight Exercises Best Machine Exercises
Dumbbell Bench Press
Incline Dumbbell Press
Machine Flies
Hammer Strength Wide & Incline
Bench Press
Barbell Row
Weighted Chins
Machine Pullover
Hammer Strength Row (various types)
Seated Dumbbell Press
Cable Side Laterals
Stiff leg dead-lift
Leg Press or Hack Squat
Leg Extension
Leg Curl
Barbell Curl
Alternate Dumbbell Curl
Preacher Curl
Hammer Strength Curl
Cable Concentration Curl
Weighted Dips
Close-Grip Bench Press
Lying Tricep Extensions
Hammer Strength Dips
Smith Machine Close-Grip Press

Disclaimer: Make sure that you thoroughly stretch before performing any and all exercise programs.  This will prevent pulled muscles, strains, hernias, etc.  Also, be sure to check with your physician.  Have fun!

Want to gain the perfect chest?  Want to utilize military methods to do it?  If you answered “yes” to both of these questions, you can obtain an “awesomely toned” chest with pushup discs.  These discs are designed to lock your arms in place so you do not cheat.  I recommend and personally use the disc below called The Perfect Pushup.   You can purchase them at Walmart or at an online retailer.  They will run you around $19.95 which is very inexpensive.  I have listed my workout below.  I suggest that you perform the workout military style.  Ladies, you may do the workout with your knees touching the ground.

Perfect Pushup BASIC - Dick's Sporting Goods

1.  Get into a pushup position on a Yoga mat or soft surface.

2.  Grip the discs tightly in a close grip fashion.

3.  Perform 3 sets of 15 pushups twisting your hands out as you raise up.  Your chin should touch the mat or come close to touching.

Follow the steps above, except you should change step 2 to a wide grip position.  Beginners, I would suggest that you do 3 sets of 5 pushups.  This way, you don’t over do it.

Disclaimer: Make sure that you thoroughly stretch before performing any and all exercise programs.  This will prevent pulled muscles, strains, hernias, etc.  Also, be sure to check with your physicianHave fun!

Have you ever heard the expression, “Jump out the gym?” Do you play basketball or a sports that requires explosive leaping ability?  If you answered, “Yes,” then this exercise is for you.  Please carefully follow the steps below.

1.  Purchase ankle strap-on weights from your local Walmart or sporting goods store (i.e. Koenig’s, Dick’s).

2.  Find an uncluttered area of your bedroom or living room.

3.  Stretch out your calves, ankles, and hamstrings.

4.  With the ankle weights on, and then proceed to do 25 toe raises.

5.  Take a rest and repeat step 4.

6. With the ankle weights off and do 25 toe raises.

7.  Take a rest and repeat step 6.

8.  Find a location outside, the garage, or gym where you can leap and touch.

9.  Place a piece of masking tape near the mark where you touch.

10.  Continue this exercise 3 times per week.  Make sure to keep charting your progress with the tape.

When it is all said an done, you should be “jumping out the gym.”  For maximum results, or if you want to spend more money, purchase a pair of “Jumpsoles” or platform shoes used to increase jumping ability.  Click Jumpsoles below to view the video.


Disclaimer: Make sure that you thoroughly stretch before performing any and all exercise programs.  This will prevent pulled muscles, strains, hernias, etc.  Also, be sure to check with your physician.  Have fun! 

Many people spend decades trying to figure out how to tone their bellies.  It seems that the United States has infamously coined the terms “muffin top” and the “beer belly.”  LOL!  Well, I have an exercise that will give you the abdominal results you want.  I want to warn you, though, this workout is not for the novice because of the degree of difficulty.  It will take time to get more repetitions.

STEP 1: Purchase latex resistance bands.  Only purchase bands containing handles (see photo below step 5).  You can find these relatively inexpensive (i.e. $5.00) at Five Below or Walmart.  They are located in the pilates section near the yoga balls.

STEP 2: Take the resistance band handles and place your feet in them.  It will feel like your feet are in stirrups. 

STEP 3: Stretch the band cord over your head, down past your back, and slightly behind your buttocks.  You should now feel the tension.

STEP 4: Lay back on a comfortable surface, such as a bed. For leverage, Make sure that you are able to grab the edge of the bed behind your head.

STEP 5: Hold the edge of the bed, lift your legs straight in the air, and rest.  Lift your legs up and to the right, work your obliques, and rest again.  Lift your legs up and to the left, work your obliques, and rest again.  The amount of repetitions and sets is up to you.  I do 3 sets of 25 working  the obliques and middle section; however, I would recommend 3 sets of 5 as a safe starting point.

get killer abs

Disclaimer: Make sure that you thoroughly stretch before performing any and all exercise programs.  This will prevent pulled muscles, strains, hernias, etc.  Also, be sure to check with your physician.  Have fun! 

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Building muscles involves use of various methods and you need to be aware of these methods to get the desired results. In this article we will look at different things that you need to have knowledge of before beginning exercises and the techniques which can help you in increasing your body mass and help you lift more weight.

Exercise Tips for New Starters

  1. Fitness Clubs: Joining a fitness club will help you know the right way of doing any exercise and get assistance of a trained instructor whenever required.
  2. Muscle Groups: Select routines which affect different muscle groups such as exercises for triceps as well as biceps.
  3. Number of Reps: You need to do more reps and slowly increase the amount of weight that you lift. Ideally you should try to do 8 to 10 reps.
  4. Group of muscles: Focus on doing routines that utilize different group of muscles on separate days. If you are working on upper section on one day then do lower section the next day.
  5. Switch Workout: It is important to switch your workouts every 4 weeks as otherwise the system will start adapting to it and results will be less effective.
  6. Balance Intensity & Volume: The amount of weight being lifted refers to intensity and volume refers to repetitions that are done. So the volume should be high and intensity low to get the best results.

Techniques to Increase Body Mass

  1. Carbohydrates & Calories: To do more cardio you should increase carbohydrate intake as it helps to maintain glucose level. Additionally, increase calorie consumption and eat protein rich food at least four to five times a day
  2. Sodium Intake: If you consume more sodium then your body will be able to retain more water and thus result in better muscle growth. Additionally, insulin responsiveness of muscles will improve and amino acids will be absorbed properly.
  3. Water Intake: There are many benefits of increasing water intake such as better regulation of minerals as well as vitamins inside the system.
  4. Diet Rotation: Keep changing your diet at an interval of two weeks so that your system does not adapt to any particular routine and gets the best result out of such diet rotation.
  5. Creatine Supplement: Start taking supplements like creatine which do not have any side effects and help in building strength.


Finally we will say that maintaining the right routine is important if you want to lift more weight and develop body mass. If you follow the tips and suggestion we have provided in this article then it will become easier for you to achieve your targets.

Building body mass is quite important if you aim to lift more weight and maintaining a proper diet is the primary thing you need to pay attention to. In the next few sections we will look at 7 tips on how to gain body mass in a short period of time using various techniques.

7 Tips to Build Body Mass

Tip 1: Increase Calorie Intake:

Increasing the calorie intake is the first step towards your goal of building strength and ideally you should eat a meal rich in carbohydrates and proteins 4 to 6 times every day.

Tip 2: Sodium Consumption

Sodium is useful for muscle growth and increasing its daily consumption will result in better water retention by the system. Muscles will become more responsive to insulin and carbohydrate storage by the system will improve in addition to better absorption of amino acids.

Tips 3: Drink More Water

Water effectively supplements diet and also regulates vitamins & minerals you consume. Additionally, water intake is crucial for proper absorption of carbohydrates and proteins that you eat every day.

Tip 4: Rotate Your Diet

Rotate your food chart every 2 weeks, as for example, start eating extra 3000 calories for 2 weeks then in the next 2 weeks eat normally as you do and keep on rotating this food chart schedule. This way your system will get the best results out of the extra calorie intake and will not be able to adapt to the diet schedule as adaptation to any particular routine can reduce the effectiveness of such food chart.

Tip 5: Utilize Creatine

Supplement such as creatine will assist you in gaining strength and the plus point about it is that there are no side effects. But while taking it you will have to start drinking a lot of water.

Tip 6: Take More Rest

Taking more rest is quite important for building strength and you need to make sure that you get at least eight hours of sleep every night for the system to re-cooperate.

Tip 7: Lift More Weight

Start lifting more weight if you want to gain strength but make sure that you use such weight with which you can do at least four to six repetitions.


To conclude we will say that developing body mass involves lot many things and if you keep the above mentioned tips while doing workouts then you will see improvements within a short period of time.